Annual Report

President’s Report
AGM July 2012

The AFBA has had a year of mixed outcomes – the best was the joining of Joshua Robinson as a new member.  I wish him well in his breeding program and trust he has a long association with AFBA and his Finnsheep.

Our half-yearly meeting this time held at the Penesh property in January was well attended and the inspection of F4 ewes added a practical aspect to the breeding of Finnsheep. I trust these meetings will continue with the possibility of a guest speaker at a member’s property.

It is pleasing to see our website updated at the new site, and now hosted by Zawacki Enterprises (ZWeb Design).  We need to keep this site active with a current list of members and activities, but this needs a coordinated effort by all members through the Secretary to oversee the site.

The Australian Sheep & Wool Show at Bendigo in July supply our site and marquee, but the supply of pens is still our responsibility.

The emphasis is for AFBA to keep the name of Finnsheep and their attributes in front of people around Australia.  I am aware that the wool has been promoted by Shepherd and Edwards families and our thanks go to them, but the benefit of using Finnsheep in crossbreeding has to be promoted to the sheep breeders of Australia.

Many thanks to all our members for their support during the year, with special thanks to Lucy for her service as Secretary.  It has been a privilege to be your President for the last three years.

Peter Blenkiron